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Monday, May 16, 2005

Nebulae Fleur

My first step back to self respect. Here's a warning for artists. When you're down and out, pick up your head and shout if you've a mind to but, by all means, do not peruse friends, especially dear friends galleries whose works will blow your tiny mind out of all rational response. I almost-- as I believe I stated in an earlier thread-- gave up fractals completely.

Might have been a good idea for the art world but it wouldn't have helped my sanity any. I need my art. I need to see and make pretties-- beauty would be even better, but I'll take pretties for now. Here's another important tip for getting back into the creative water-- try something you've never done before. This is made with a formula I've never used in this highly elaborate form. Never mind how pretty the colors are-- I can almost always do pretty colors-- reverse green and you get this gorgeous purple, reverse brown and an incredible Isis blue results. There, you have all my secrets now.

The joy of this was not in the colors but the ribs that float and the bits of asymmetry that are subtly occurring. I must admit, I also loved playing around with it in PhotoShop to tart it up a bit. I'll never be a purist.

I did better in my next one. A dear friend calls this purple broccoli with diamonds. I think he got it dead on right. Thank you, Jo.  Posted by Hello


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