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Monday, May 16, 2005


This is more like something I would recognise as my work. A whole Julia-- like every other fractal I have posted today. However this one defies symmetry. Same Simple Traps coloring formula as Nebulae and Deja Vue but I was calmer and could take more time trying to find the shape that would work with me. Perhaps this is how god creates-- with enormous patience and endless tries after tries to find that one form within an overarching identity-- a human soul-- that will work with him. To make beauty with love. He does make much finer Fractals, though, just look around-- the whole world is one.

I didn't think of divine process while I was building and rebuilding this minor, if satisfying, piece, but I do now. And now, I understand the title. And I, too, in my infintesimal way, say, with Mary, yes, I'll work with you. I'll go in ways I can not begin to understand: for the sake of beauty, for the sake of hope, for the sake of love. And because I recognise that fuse that through the green shoot drives the flower and me and All.

For the umpteenth time that Thou hast saved my life: Let It Be.

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