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Sunday, April 24, 2005

ADDENDUM: Why god rather than God

Why do I use the lower case when I am refering to god, especially my beliefs about god-- I may capitalise if I am referring to other peoples specific beliefs as I did with the Puritans in the latest post.

Not capitalising the pre-eminently capitalised word in our language is a way of inclusion for me. I thereby include goddess, gods, spirits, avatars, messiahs, and all other specific terms for specific beliefs like grandfather, grandmother spirit. For me god is the important universal word-- humble in that it includes all beings and interpretations without selecting one as more important than the rest. I see god as humble because why would he need to be anything else when he is everything else and more besides. When I use the word God, it is a lesser manifestation of the source of all there is because it is valid only for some people somewhere rather than everywhere.

Odd way to show respect, but there you are. I use the pronoun "he" because "it" turns me off-- sounds like a robot deity-- and he's the shortest pronoun available, other than I, and I aint gonna go there, nor inflict a row of all possible genders and numbers on you.


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