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Monday, March 21, 2005

NON-DUALITY: An Introduction
Part Two

Let me throw out my biases right at the beginning-- or close enough for Jazz. I believe that Absolutes are sharp-edged, deadly weapons which divide and destroy connections between humans and, indeed, all creatures on this earth and in this cosmos. I believe that Absolutes are artificial constructs originally designed to give us safety from a world of chaos which have become a cage which is increasingly dividing into smaller and smaller cells and we cannot reach each other through the bars to do enough to help and love our fellow journeyers on this planet.

I can't hear you, I can't understand you, the static from Absolute Truth is drowning out your reality. The chains of Absolute Right are locking my hands and keeping them from raising myself or you up out of the muck.

Are you Muslim? No hope-- you've been condemned by some authority-- don't even know which one it is, to a religion that opposes-- dualistically-- Christianity, whoops, I'm not exactly Christian. That's all right, Islam opposes all the West.

Does it? Is Islam irrevocably every single Muslim? I don't think so. I don't see how it could be. Humans are too diverse. How can a religion whose major poet is the most popular in America-- Rumi-- be anti Western? Well, Dualistically. . . it could.

Dualism sees only black and white. Only Westerners and whoever has been deemed the opposite of that term today. It will change, the terms always change but the opposition remains.

Where does this opposition lie?

[very deliberate ambiguity in that word. AI] Thank you, it was intentional.

Fear of Change. Fear of Loss. Fear of Power. Fear of Loss of Power. Fear of Abandonment. Fear of Rejection. Fear of Being On the Other [losing] Side. The Side of Evil/Bad/Weak/Perverse/Different.

But Change, Loss, the Ups and Downs of Power, Abandonment, Rejection--- Death. None of these can ever be controlled. Not one. They come and go and no matter how many vitamins you take, how much money you make, how good a person you are, how careful you are-- no matter if you lock yourself in a bubble-- every single one of these horrors of Fear will happen to you in some way or another. And then you will die.

That's Life. It can be a struggle against inevitable horror which you can never ever win-- only, at best, postpone a little at the cost of sanity and enormous stress and internal lies and denial that will kill you faster. Or you can live the beauty, fragility, wondrous change of Life with gusto and acceptance that the Flow is all there is. Good today may be bad tomorrow, but nothing will stay forever, and if it did how incrediably boring that would be.

Do you actually want your child to be a child forever? -- except somewhere deep in their heart, which, I promise, barring horrible trauma, the innocence of childhood will linger anyway. Anything else is diminished capacity or retarded emotional or reasoning capacities. Do you want your parent to hover on the brink of death for years without actually dying? That's a torture most people guard against with living wills. Anything else is a living death.

No invinceable granite stone on a monument to Truth with Absolutes engraved into it --deep enough to trust your hand into-- can make a Non-Truth True. And I'm with you in this denial. I have my Absolutes-- No Innocent Should Suffer. It's a a great thought, it will not do anything to prevent Innocents from suffering as suffering is built into life. I wish it could be true though, even though I know even suffering is a tool of growth and enlightenment. For one thing, a child totally protected from all suffering-- as Buddha was himself, according to legend-- has no true feelings of loving connection with strangers who are suffering all around him. Our heart-link to others depends on our shared pain, and our desire to relieve it, for ourselves and eventually all others. The greatest realization is that we are one body, one wound, one pain. At that realisation all violence ceases. All hatred ceases. All love unites.

We are a long long way from that realisation. And no way to even see the road that leads there from the cage of Duality.


Blogger UV-gap said...

non-duality means that I AM Heaven and you, like god, is/are MY Joke.

Unless you are laughing and then you are just ME.

4:21 PM  

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